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Welcome to
Moon Wives

Welcome to Moon Wives, a sanctuary for spiritual healing and inner transformation.  In the midst of life’s hustle and bustle, now is the time to reconnect with our inner selves and tap into our innate healing powers.

We bridge the gap between physical and virtual realms, offering transformative experiences to clients worldwide. Our online sessions are not just convenient; they’re catalysts for profound change. Energy knows no bounds, and whether we’re face-to-face or continents apart, the power of healing remains undiminished. Clients experience rapid transformations during our online sessions, where the constraints of time and distance fade away.

Choosing to work with us online brings many benefits tailored to your needs. Sessions integrate into your schedule, offering flexibility and convenience within your daily routines.  Our sessions transcend time zones, ensuring accessibility for clients across the globe. And within the coziness of your own home, you’ll find the freedom to explore and open up spiritually and emotionally, supported by your own surroundings.

For those seeking a more immersive experience, Moon House awaits in the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Nestled in the shade of the coconut, mango and jack-fruit trees, this hideaway awaits you to heal, awaken, and rediscover your inner wisdom.

Wherever you are on your journey, Moon Wives is here to guide and support you. Your path to stillness and self-awareness starts now.

 self-awareness is the most precious gift you can give to your self, to others and the world.
an invitation to your awakening Journey
Find Stillness

To still the mind is crucial and creates space for awareness to grow. We offer different kinds of meditations and hypnotherapy to help your mind to stay focused.

see meaning

To find meaning in life, and even in suffering is the ultimate test for all of us, concluded Viktor Frankl  (Man’s Search for Meaning).  Those who see meaning in the things they have experienced are able to let go and integrate the teaching.

Choose Direction 

In the process of change, it is not only important to let go, but also crucial to create new directions. If the new direction is not clear, one’s consciousness will turn back and find comfort in the patterns of the past.

allow change

Our conditioned mind and inner systems are biased to keep us safe, and therefore avoid the unknown which is perceived as unsafe.  To allow change is to go against a deeply rooted collective belief; and only when we allow this, will the new unfold.

Charlotte- France

I had a wonderful and unexpected experience with Fran! She is an amazing healer! Thanks to her I can finally feel my heart again… she gave me so much beautiful energy and some message from my guides… she cleaned some resistance I had from my ancestors and replaced it with this pure white light 😇 All my blockages are now gone and I can feel my power again. So thank you very much 🌟

Taylor- USA

Fran is a beautiful bridge into the unseen world. Her approach to energy work is gentle, powerful, and transformational. Before our session began, the healing process was already at work. During the session, she reunited me with my inner child, grounded me back to Mother Earth, and severed a connection to the past that once filled me with so much pain. After our session was over, I felt reborn. And still weeks later, thanks to her guidance, I have new tools to keep me empowered, confident, and connected to myself.
Thank you so much for helping me return back home to myself 💚

Dani - UK

As soon as I met Fran and Mona I felt at ease and knew I’d found the right people to help me on my spiritual journey. Their intuition, wisdom and calming natures led me to feel safe, understood, and comfortable. I couldn’t have asked for more. I felt connected to them instantly.

Fran’s energy healing was nothing I had encountered before and it opened my eyes, heart and mind to the power of our own, and others, energy and how it impacts our bodies, mind and soul. I left feeling like a shadow had lifted (figuratively and literally) and that I could continue my healing journey with the right mindset. I would recommend it to anyone who feels like they are in need of a spiritual checkup or are curious to know more about their own spiritual energy.

Mona’s intuitive art sessions struck me deeply, and it is something I am continuing to this day. Finding joy in movement, colour, and space helped open my heart to the beauty around me. Something so simple, yet so profound.

Anja - Germany

“Als ich Monas Arbeit kennenlernen durfte, war ich sehr berührt von der Annahme, die sie mir entgegen brachte. Das Gefühl, das jemand an meinem Wohlergehen Interesse hatte und mich ganz sanft auf ihre Art und Weise wieder aufgerichtet und mir Mut zugesprochen hat, war ein essenzieller Schritt um meine innere Balance wieder zu finden und eigenverantwortlich Schritte für meine Gesundheit und mein Leben zu gehen. Die Techniken die Mona dafür anwendet, haben mich dabei unterstützt mich nach Innen zu wenden, meinen Themen zu begegnen und sie zu transformieren. Ich bin sehr dankbar für ihr Sein und Wirken in dieser Welt.”

Peter - Germany

Liebe Mona, ich bin sehr dankbar für Deine guten Impulse, die mich, mein Lebensgefühl und meine Beziehung zu meiner Frau so positiv beeinflusst haben. Ich meditiere oft mit Deinem Audio.

Nith - France

When I first went to see Mona, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was really impressed by Mona’s intuition and her healing practices. She was able to pick up some strong blockages I was not aware of and that were preventing me from fully being myself and moving forward in my relationships. I am so thankful for her and practice for helping me overcoming them. I really appreciate Mona’s openness and kindness. It makes it easy to open yourself and share about your own journey. Thank you again Mona!


I started seeing Mona and then Fran at a time in my life when I was really struggling. I had some physical health issues and was feeling emotionally lost and untethered. The sessions, which included energy healing and spirit work quickly became the anchor for hope for change. Whilst I experienced immediate benefit, over time this consolidated and embedded. I can honestly say that the sessions have been the most important step in understanding and caring for myself that I have ever taken.

I work as a clinical psychologist in the UK so very much a science-practitioner. It was a challenge at first for me to trust in a very different way of working with the mind and body. However the “proof” for me was in how I started to feel and the journey I found myself on.
If you are thinking of contacting either Mona or Fran, I would say don’t overthink just do it. They are welcoming and containing from the outset and will work with you to help you move forward.
Cath- Australia

Fran creates and holds a very safe space to facilitate healing. Her down to earth, straight talking style is so reassuring. Everything she said resonated and I was left with lots of food for thought, plus a meditation tool I have been using ever since. Highly recommend!

Sissi - Austria

I didn’t quite know what to expect since I never had a reading before,
but my experience with Fran topped everything I ever imagined!
This woman is so grounded, so down to earth and so aligned, that you feel like talking to an old friend, not a Medium.
A friend who knows you and who you can trust with your whole heart. The things she saw and said made absolute sense to me and helped me a lot. The empathy she puts into everything she does, is inspiring, healing and energizing all at once. Thank you Fran, for you and this beautiful gift you have!



• Alleviate anxiety and stress
• Break free from negative thought patterns and behaviours
• Gain mastery over anxiety triggers
• Experience lasting relief and enhanced well-being
• Cultivate inner peace and fulfilment


• Promotes deep relaxation and stress relief
• Supports emotional healing and heart opening
• Clears energetic blockages and promotes flow
• Enhances spiritual growth and connection


• Reduced stress and anxiety
• Increased mindfulness and presence
• Enhanced emotional well-being
• Greater clarity and insight
• Deepened spiritual connection


• Cleansing and alignment of energy pathways and centres
• Release of energetic blockages and tension
• Restoration of balance and harmony on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels
• Promotion of deep relaxation and stress relief
• Enhancement of overall well-being and vitality


•  works on the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical body
• Gain clarity and insight into your inner landscape
• Reading and Release stagnant energy and emotional blockages
• Align your mind, body, and spirit for greater harmony and balance
• Awaken to your authentic self and embrace your unique journey


By exploring and transforming limiting beliefs, we can break free from patterns that no longer serve us, leading to a more empowered and fulfilling existence.


• Explore and understand recurring themes, issues, and blockages in your life
• Gain insight, resolution, and understanding of past life experiences


Psychic Surgery can have powerful effects on:
• Aches, pains, and physical discomfort
• Illness and health challenges
• Energetic imbalances and blockages

Welcoming You to Moon House or to your online Session

At Moon Wives, we pride ourselves on providing sacred space for your healing journey. But before you come knocking, remember, our doorbells have tails and wagging welcomes! Our beloved dogs are the guardians of our gates, eager to announce your arrival with their playful barks.

By Appointment Only

Please note that we operate strictly by appointment only. No walk-ins or unexpected arrivals, please. To ensure we can give you our undivided attention, we kindly request that you book your session in advance.

Finding Us

Nestled down a small lane between 7 Makara and Street 27, you’ll discover Moon House behind double blue, metal gates that lead into the garden.  We are about 20m from a cafe called ‘School Food’.  We are listed on Google Maps and Pass App under ‘Moon Wives’.  With us, follow the path to our shady garden of mango, jackfruit, coconut, banana and lacuma trees.


In person prices are 55 $ p. S.
online Sessions with Mona are 55 € p. S.
online Sessions with Fran are in 50 £ p. S.

Prices for our transformative packages are here

Balance is payable on the day of your session.
*(For Rahanni Celestial Healing Level 1 Attunements and Transformation Packages, full payment is required beforehand.  )

Accepted Payment Methods:
  1. Cash: We accept USD and Cambodian Riel. Please note that in Cambodia, only USD bills newer than 2017 in good condition are accepted.  No marks or tears on the USD are considered acceptable in Cambodia.
  2. ABA Bank Transfer
  3. PayPal: any processing fees are to be absorbed at your end, and so then we don’t add a % processing fee.
  4. UK Bank Transfer for sessions with Fran.
  5. DE Bank Transfer for sessions with Mona.
Arrival Etiquette

When you arrive, please wait at the gate.  We’ll be with you shortly to welcome you into Moon House.  We kindly ask that you refrain from arriving too early, as this precious time allows us to prepare the space, cleanse the energy, and set our intentions to ensure your session is nothing short of transformative.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to sharing the journey of healing and growth with you at Moon House.

Online Session

Energy is energy. It makes no difference to the therapy if we are face-to-face or thousands of miles apart; energy doesn’t know the difference.

Just as the energy that you may have stored in your body doesn’t know to change unless you direct it. Maybe the energy of pain has sat with you since you were 7 years old when an adult made a remark that hurt you, or when you were 16 and got rejected by your crush. The energy responds to intention, not to geography and not to time. “Time’s a healer” is an age old lie: time allows dust to gather on the energy, but unless the quality of the energy is changed, it remains the same.

And so, online therapy gives you the opportunity of being within the comfort of your own home and no commute time, to change your energy body. Working with us online, you will learn to intentionally transform energy for your highest good.

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