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Meet the Moon Dogs

Meet Our Beloved Moon Dogs

Moon House in Siem Reap is not only home to mystical energies and celestial guidance, but also to a quirky quartet of furry companions who add their own special touch to our space.  Allow us to introduce you to the stars of the show: our four lovable Moon Dogs.

Cassius: The Healer’s Apprentice

Meet Cassius, the explorer with a heart of gold.  This adventurous soul embarked on a journey from Penang Island in Malaysia to the realms of Siem Reap, alongside Fran.  Cassius is learning the healing arts himself: he loves to be in the healing room during treatments and knows his role is to ground you after your treatment by placing his head in your lap and maybe a paw in your hand.

Mama: The Matriarch and Heart-Opener

Next up, we have Mama.  Mama found us when we worked at a retreat centre in Siem Reap.  From a rocky start with illness, fractures after a traffic accident and a protective manner, Mama has blossomed.  Mama is strong-minded: born a street-dog, she won’t give up her independence.  She is calm, centred and great for cuddles when times get tough.  She birthed two adorable pups in November 2023, Anubis Khan and Alma Mei, who brought a lot of love into Moon House.

Anubis Khan and Alma Mei: The Pawsitively Adorable Pups

Anubis Khan, affectionately known as Anooby-Noo, and Alma Mei bring boundless energy and enthusiasm to Moon House.  With their wagging tails and curious noses, they’re always eager to lend a paw during healing sessions.  Anubis, the dog-prince, is a soppy, gentle boy who likes to swim in the pond and snuggle-up for a mountain-bear cuddle.  Alma, whose name means ‘soul’, is a sweet little love who gives lots of kisses and loves to play!

Healing Paws and Wagging Tails

Our Moon Dogs aren’t just furry companions—they’re integral members of our healing family.  They delight in meeting and greeting our guests, spreading joy and comfort with every tail wag and sloppy kiss. Whether they’re snuggling up for cuddles or chasing imaginary cats in the garden, their presence adds an extra dose of magic to Moon House.

So, the next time you visit Moon Wives, be sure to say hello to our Moon Dogs. They’re always ready to welcome you with open paws and hearts full of love.

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