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Transformational Journeys 
Moon Wives Therapies are here to guide you
To step into your Power

What Do I believe about myself
and how can I be a more conscious co-creator
of my life’s experiences? 

We offer 4 different Packages.
each a journey with a different focus,
supporting you in your Self-discovery and spiritual growth.


Moving into the chosen direction

Getting Unstuck

Are you feeling trapped in the same cycle, unable to move forward in your relationships, career, personal growth, or spiritual journey? Our tailored programme “Getting Unstuck” is designed to guide you through a transformative journey towards clarity, empowerment, and renewal.

  • Session 1: Initial Consultation and Energy Clearing (1.5 – 2 hours with Mona and Fran)
    In our first session, we’ll dive deep into your intentions and desires, pinpointing the blocks in your energy field that may be holding you back. Through a combination of consultation and energy clearing techniques, we’ll begin the process of releasing what no longer serves you, setting the stage for profound transformation.

  • Session 2: Hypnotic Relaxation Skills Training (with Fran).
    You’ll learn hypnotic relaxation techniques to quiet the mind and open yourself to the process ahead.

  • Session 3: Soul and Spiritual Energy Cleanse (with Fran).
    Experience a cleansing of your soul and spiritual energy under the guidance of Fran.  Ground, release stagnant energies and clear the path for new possibilities.

  • Session 4: Energy Clearance, Structuring, and Alignment (with Mona).
    Mona will work with you to clear any lingering blockages, align your energy centres, and structure your energy field for optimal flow and balance.

  • Session 5: Balancing Elements and Masculine/Feminine Energies (with Mona)
    Explore the balance of elemental forces and masculine/feminine energies within your energy body. This session prevents unconscious re-engagement with old patterns, fostering sustainable growth.

  • Session 6: Psych-K with Mona (with Mona)
    Reprogram your subconscious beliefs through Psych-K techniques, paving the way for new perspectives and possibilities.

  • Session 7: Hypnotherapy Session (with Fran)
    Fran will craft a personalised hypnotherapy session to embed your new direction into your subconscious mind, facilitating lasting change.

  • Session 8: Energy Clearing Tools and Self-Empowerment Techniques (with Mona) Equip yourself with practical tools and techniques to maintain a clear and empowered energy field beyond the programme.

  • Continue the work with Reflection and Integration
    After a 4-week period, we’ll reconnect to assess your progress, provide additional support if needed, and offer a top-up session for reinforcement.

  • Who can benefit?
    You’re feeling stuck in life’s patterns: recurring patterns or cycles in your life that you wish to break free from, whether it’s related to habits, thought patterns, or emotional responses.

    You are facing relationship challenges: experiencing difficulties in your personal or professional relationships and seeking guidance to navigate conflicts or foster deeper connections.

    Career professionals feeling stagnant: you feel stuck in your career, whether you’re experiencing burnout, seeking advancement, or considering a career change.

    You are on a personal development journey: you’re committed to personal growth and development, but finding you’re hindered by internal or external obstacles.

    Spiritual seekers seeking clarity: you’re exploring your spiritual path, but feeling disconnected, confused, or unsure about your purpose and direction.
  • Time Commitment
    Embark on this journey with a commitment of 8.5 hours spread across a 3-month period, including one 1.5-hour session at the start and seven 1-hour sessions.

  • Materials Provided
    All sessions are recorded for your reference and reflection.
    Receive a comprehensive booklet (PDF) to accompany your path, guiding you through each step of the programme.
    Access two guided meditations to deepen your practice.
    Receive a personalised hypnosis recording for self-practice and integration.

  • Investment


  • Past Life Healing Journey
    We offer a free past life healing journey to explore the roots of your challenges and unlock deeper layers of healing, for those who choose this package.  (With Fran and Mona, usual price $ 150)

To know yourself truly

Unlock Your Spiritual Potential

Embark on a transformative journey with Fran’s Spiritual Development Package. Learn powerful meditation techniques, tap into your inner strength, and connect with your spiritual guides. Discover the magic of self-discovery and spiritual growth with Fran’s guidance.

  • Session 1:
    Breathwork & Self-Hypnosis
    Dive into the world of meditation with Fran as she introduces you to breathwork and self-hypnosis techniques. These practices serve as the gateway to powerful meditations, allowing you to quiet the mind and access deeper states of consciousness.
  • Session 2:
    Chakra Cleansing Meditation
    Explore the energy centres of your body with a guided chakra cleansing meditation.  Learn how to balance and harmonise your chakras for optimal well-being and spiritual alignment.
  • Session 3:
    Sit in Your Power
    Empower yourself with a meditation session focused on sitting in your power.  Connect with you’re your energies and learn to discern what your energy feels like.  This is an empowering skill for you to be able to recognise what is your energy and what’s not.  This is especially important for empaths.
  • Session 4:
    Meet Your Spirit Animal or Spirit Guides
    Embark on a journey to meet your spirit animal or spirit guides through guided meditation. Experience the wisdom and guidance of these spiritual beings as they offer insight and support on your path.
  • Who Can Benefit?
    Individuals who are wishing to bring stillness into their heart and mind
    People who are keen to develop their spiritual world
    Those curious to explore energy and spirit
  • Time Commitment
    4 hours (four 1-hour sessions)
  • Invest in your Self


Becoming Aware is Key

Awareness & Transformation

This inner work with Mona brings together four different parts in a series of eight sessions, and is an invitation to authentic self-observation.

In order to know yourself, it is necessary to observe closely with kindness, understanding and clarity.  Mona is here to hold a mirror and guide you to gain more self-awareness which is the key to self-empowerment.  To self-love means seeing without judging and understanding the why, without regret or blame.

Spiritual growth is inner work: it is a path, not as a quick solution.  Lasting solutions will grow from understanding oneself,  from clearing negative beliefs and emotions, and from planting new seeds and choosing new directions.

We will explore all four bodies: the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Together, we gain understanding about hidden limiting beliefs, stored negative emotions, unhealthy coping mechanisms, disharmony in patterns and unaware reactions to life itself.

  • Part 1: session 1 & 2
    Observing your energy field and understanding your co-creation.
    I invite you to see yourself as a garden: first, we become aware of the plants which are present and the state your garden is in.
  • Part 2: session 3 & 4
    Through different energy techniques, I help you to eliminate stored negative emotions and release limiting beliefs, which can clog your auric field, your chakras, organs etc. We clear the weeds and plants you no longer want in your garden.
  • Part 3: Sessions 5 & 6
    Focuses on realigning the chakras, re-balancing the elements, reconnecting the nadis, and harmonizing the masculine and the feminine energies.  Now we begin to redesign the garden.

  • Part 4: Sessions 7 & 8
    Anchors new positive beliefs into your energy field. This part is crucial as it helps to keep your focus on your new direction and prevents you from falling back into old, unaware patterns. Lastly, we plant new seeds.

  • Who Can Benefit?
    perhaps you want to understand yourself better or explore a process of self-realisation
    perhaps you feel a change is needed in your life
    perhaps you have gone through a wounding experience and want to understand and heal
    perhaps you are repeating a pattern which you would like to let go of
    perhaps you are experiencing physical illness and wish to explore a more holistic way of healing, understanding and clearing the root
  • Time Commitment

    8 sessions within 8 weeks (eight 1-hour sessions)

  • Invest in your Self


  • Provided Material
    Sessions are recorded, a booklet (as PDF) is provided to accompany you on the path, one recorded meditation is provided to support the process of clearing and aligning your energy centres.
The Cycle Guides the Way

Lunar Renewal

Take a journey of self-discovery with our Lunar Renewal package. Over the course of four sessions, in-keeping with the phases of the moon, we will guide you through a process of shedding old limitations and embracing new possibilities.  Our Lunar Renewal package starts at the time of the full moon: a time of release before the new moon emerges with new opportunities.

  • Session 1: Release (with Fran and Mona).

          Initial Consultation and Energy Clearing (1.5 – 2 hours). In our first session, we’ll dive deep into your intentions and desires, pinpointing the blocks in your energy field that may be holding you back. Through a combination of consultation and energy clearing techniques, we’ll begin the process of releasing what no longer serves you, setting the stage for profound transformation.

  • Session 2: Reflect and Re-Direct (with Mona).

          Limiting Belief Identification and Psych-K (1 – 1.5 hours). In our second session, we will work together to identify the limiting belief that has been keeping you stuck in old patterns. Using the powerful tool of Psych-K, you will create a new direction for yourself, aligning your subconscious mind with your conscious goals and aspirations.

  • Sessions 3 and 4: Integrate (with Fran).

          Hypnosis for Integration (2 sessions, 45 minutes each).  In our final two sessions, we’ll delve into the subconscious mind through the practice of hypnosis, embedding and integrating your new beliefs at a deep level. This process will solidify the changes you’ve made, ensuring that they become a natural and effortless part of your daily life.

  • Who Can Benefit?
      Individuals feeling stuck or limited by old patterns and beliefs
    –  People seeking to align their conscious goals with their subconscious mind
      Those interested in holistic approaches to self-improvement
  • Time Commitment
    This package is designed to be completed within one lunar cycle, spanning 28 days, allowing for maximum alignment with the natural rhythms of the moon.
  • Invest in yourself
    The investment for this transformative journey is $332.
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